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DIY Shelf Project

June 16, 2017
floating shelves

Installing shelves using National Hardware’s shelf brackets is a quick and easy project for just about anyone at home!

Here are the tools and materials you’ll need to get started:
Stud Finder (recommended)
Ruled Level (6-24”)
Shelf Brackets
Screwdriver (Optional)
Drywall Anchors(Optional)

1. The first step is to locate the area in which you would like to install your shelf. Although not necessary, we recommend attaching at least one shelf bracket to a wall stud for increased load capabilities. To find a stud within the wall, you can use a stud finder, magnet, or use the old knock-on-the-wall method. If no stud exists, drywall anchors are highly recommended.

2. Once a stud is located, mark the height for the shelf installation. Using the bracket’s screw holes, mark the locations along the stud where the bracket will be anchored (screwed) into the wall. It is recommended that you space the brackets approximately 2-8 inches in from the edges of the shelf you are installing. For example, if your shelf is 24” long, we recommend that the shelving brackets be placed 16”-22” apart underneath. This allows a slight overhang of the shelf and maximizes its strength once installed.

3. Using your drill, screw the first bracket into the stud, using the level to make sure the bracket’s screw holes are aligned with the marks you have made. If you chose to not screw into a wall stud, it is recommended that you pre-drill holes for drywall anchors prior screwing the brackets into the wall.

4. Once the first bracket is installed, you can replicate the process for the second bracket. Use the level to make sure that your brackets are even prior to installing the shelf.

5. Simply screw the shelf into the brackets using their pre-defined holes. Make sure that there is an equal amount of shelf space sticking out on the left and right sides of each bracket.

Pro Tip: Please note for longer shelves (greater than 48”) that three shelf brackets are recommended.

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