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8 DIY Projects That Will Leave You Saying “I Have to Try That!”

December 29, 2017
Sliding Door Hardware

We partner with many stellar bloggers and are constantly impressed with how amazingly creative they are. As we reflect on their creative DIY tips, tricks and helpful how-to’s heading into the New Year, we’re especially inspired by these eight projects. They’re all scalable, customizable, and add a ton of value.

From stylish organization and solutions for charging your kid’s favorite devices (while controlling screen time), to an easy makeover for your garage’s exterior, here are some of our favorite blogger projects that will leave you inspired and saying, “I have to try that!”.

1. Get Store-Bought Style at Half the Price
Shelf Storage Boxes from Homemade by Carmona

Ursula of Homemade by Carmona was out shopping one day and came across these great wood storage boxes that came at a hefty price. Instead of paying full price for the boxes, she got to work building her own. In her blog post, Ursula shows us how we can build the stylish storage boxes in six easy steps. Using wood, flush ring pulls, corner braces and screws, Ursula’s boxes are an easy weekend project. You can even customize the size and shape of the boxes to fit any shelf.

Read Homemade by Carmona’s blog post »

2. Patio Transforms into Playzone
Kid Swings from ClassyClutter

Savannah’s unused patio space was transformed when she and her kids built three hanging swings, perfect for shady summertime swinging. The creative use of space was inspired by a simple piece of hardware – our swing hook kit!

Read ClassyClutter’s blog post »


3. Serving It Up in Style
Chic Serving Trays by Run to Radiance

These DIY serving trays are the perfect project to tackle when you have a few hours to spare. Tania used a wood round, paint and gate hardware pulls to build the functional yet stylish tray. Take the project one step further by adding a stenciled design, monogram or fun pattern.

Find out how to build Run to Radiance’s trays »


4. An On-Trend Feeder for Fido
Industrial-Styled Dog Feeder by Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty Handy Girl’s raised dog bowl feeder comes with a how-to guide and renderings, making this project an easy DIY. You can adjust the height of the feeder to meet your dog’s height, and the feeder uses reinforcement hardware to give it an industrial-inspired look.

Read Pretty Handy Girl’s how-to guide »

Dog Feeder

5. Build Your Own Butler’s Pantry
Kitchen Storage from Thistlewood Farms

Using our Interior Sliding Door Kit, KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms added sliding doors to her kitchen storage to create a customized butler’s pantry. The unique use of sliding door hardware proves a DIY butler’s pantry is a must-have for stylish kitchen or closet storage.

Read more from Thistlewod Farm’s blog post »

Sliding Door

6. Your Garage Needs a Facelift
Faux Carriage Garage Doors by The Lily Pad Cottage

When Kelly of the Lily Pad Cottage was remodeling her lakeside home, she noticed the weathered garage was in need of a makeover. New paint and a Spear Gate Kit is all it took to give the garage some much needed TLC. The gate kit transformed the doors into faux carriage doors, perfectly matching Kelly’s cottage-inspired lake house.

Find out how Kelly revamped her garage »


7. Distressed Sliding Doors are a Space-Saver
How-to Install a Sliding Door with Bless’er House

Lauren’s master bedroom and en-suite bathroom are gorgeously decorated but she had a functional problem – the shower door and the bathroom door would get stuck when opened at the same time. The solution? Install a sliding door kit and build a distressed, customized barn door to separate the rooms without causing a collision.

See Lauren’s sliding door installation guide »

Sliding Door Hardware

8. Limit Screen Time without Losing Battery
Electronic Charging Station Lock-Box from Pretty Handy Girl

How genius is this DIY project? Pretty Handy Girl faced a common issue shared among parents. Her kids love their devices, and (sometimes) find ways to sneak in extra “screen time.” To help limit this, Brittany built an industrial-styled lock box that also acts as a portable charging station.

Read Pretty Handy Girl’s DIY lock box tutorial »

Lock Boxes

Ready to tackle one of these eight DIY projects now? Let us know which project left you the most excited and make sure to come back to our “Little Things” blog where we’ll be posting more projects, tips and tricks on a regular basis.

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