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1st Day of Christmas: One Tree Stand

December 12, 2016

Project Type: Intermediate
Time: 10 minutes

Items Needed:
(1) 10-quart galvanized metal pail
¼-inch drill bit and power drill
(4) eye bolts in stainless steel
3 ½-quarts rocks or sand
plastic container, 8-inches round

1. Measuring about ½ inch below top of metal pail, drill four ¼ holes into the pail in equally spaced parts.
2. Fill the bottom of the pail with half the amount of rocks or sand for support.
3. Set the plastic container on top of the rocks/sand and add in rest of the rocks/sand.
4. Remove one of the nuts on the eye hook (there should be two) and begin placing into the pre-drilled holes. Secure until they have reached the second nut.
5. Attach the first nut and tighten until secure.
6. Place metal pail in area where the tree will go and loosen eye bolts.

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